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While policy and innovation quickly move us toward electrification and away from fossil fuels, Illinois is expeditiously preparing infrastructure and prioritizing decarbonzation of commercial transportation. The speed at which this transition is taking place is directly correlated to the urgency of rapidly rising carbon emissions—which rebounded to their highest-ever levels in 2021. Transportation has the highest reliance on fossil fuels of any sector and accounted for 29% of CO2 emissions last year.

A critical role in national logistics and transportation.

At the crossroads of the U.S., Illinois plays a critical role in national logistics and transportation and is positioned to support the rapid growth necessary to meet ambitious emissions and climate goals. Illinois is a proven leader in this space—with companies like Rivian and Lion Electric—and the Illinois EV Innovation Hub—which is poised to strengthen the North American supply chain for EV components and help establish a skilled workforce for a proliferating industry. The state is leading a clean energy transition at large, with focused transportation investments including $100M for diesel emissions reduction and $360M for a charging infrastructure to support a goal of one million electric vehicles on the road by 2030.

In addition to notable state investments, Illinois has adopted some of the most competitive incentives to attract companies in the electric vehicle and clean energy industries including the Invest in Illinois Fund, $400M in grant assistance for large projects with job creation, and the Reimagining Energy and Vehicles (REV) Program, providing up to 100% income tax withholding for new jobs created in the EV and clean energy sectors.

Rust Belt to Green Belt

As Illinois rapidly advances infrastructure to support electric vehicles, we’re also embracing the Rust Belt to Green Belt initiative, driving our state’s commitment to clean energy. Collaborating with the Chicagoland Climate Investment Alliance, we are expanding our green energy footprint, catalyzing the rise of climate tech innovations that promise a sustainable and robust future for all Illinoisans.

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